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‘Duck Dynasty’ event cancelled? Poor ticket sales terminates Missouri talk

Willie Robertson
Willie Robertson
Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

The “Duck Dynasty” cast is seeing the once popular show lose some interest and it is quite surprising. Willie, Korie, Miss Kay and Uncle Si were slated to appear at the JQH Arena, a special events arena in Springfield, Missouri, but the event coordinator called it off on Thursday. According to the News Leader on Thursday, the official reason given for the “Duck Dynasty” cast cancellation is poor ticket sales.

With over a third of the primary cast members of the popular real show slated to be part of the program, the decision to cancel the April 26th event has people shocked. Who wouldn't want to see the stars on one stage? Including Uncle Si, who is a very enticing reality star and usually has the fans over the top excited.

However, after Phil Robertson’s previous inflaming comments about alternate lifestyles and the disappointing season finale ratings, the viewers haven’t been extraordinarily active in the brand. The merchandise with the reality show brand seems to have slowed in sales and fewer people are looking to buy tickets to events.

This isn't the only concern that the “Duck Dynasty” brand is facing. Another big controversy includes the Michigan Lansing Board of Water and Light. The utility company has decided to cancel an upcoming "Duck Dynasty" look-alike contest off because the contest might offend people a spokesman told Fox News on Wednesday. Concerned about Phil’s comments, the decision was to scrap the contest as it might be disrespectful to the LGBT community in the area and cause an issue in an otherwise friendly get together in the community.

There has been no word on whether the show “Duck Dynasty” will continue next season on A&E. While viewers shouldn't expect to hear a cancellation notice, the odd thing is that there have been no rumors of filming either. This leaves some fans to believe that there might be serious news ahead for the Duck Commander family.

Will there be more events cancelled in the future? "Duck Dynasty" has a strong base of fans and many do want to hear the reality stars speak at an upcoming event.

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