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'Duck Dynasty': Episode about cemetery seems appropriate

Si following Phil and Kay thru a cemetery was the best part of the show.
Si following Phil and Kay thru a cemetery was the best part of the show.
Photo by Jeff Gross

"Duck Dynasty" was on A & E with a new episode Wednesday night. Sadly, the most exciting part of the show was Phil, Kay and Uncle Si wandering around a cemetery with a handful of flowers searching for Kay’s grandmother’s grave. Those who were resting in peace in this episode were not the only ones asleep, though. This writer, an avid fan of the show, actually dozed off during “Duck Dynasty" because it was so boring!”

The Robertson brothers, Willie, Jase and Jep, were involved in auditioning for the West Monroe Fire Department while the others aimlessly meandered through the graves. The Robertsons appeared so inept and out-of-shape that there was no way they could trek through the woods after deer or other prey. Willie did not even attempt the obstacle course arranged for them to try. Jep had already given up on the first task, ending up throwing up. This part seemed a bit contrived as Jep barely got through the first few seconds of using an axe to simulate knocking in a building or door.

The segment with the three bumbling brothers could not have been more uneventful. Where have all the writers gone? Or maybe they ARE writing and that’s the problem? Maybe they should just quit writing. I don’t know which scenario is correct, but something stinks so badly on this show. It is interesting to note, according to, “Duck Dynasty” is still leading in the cable ratings, although down a bit to 1.3 from 1.5.

There is bound to be a saturation factor here, but one way to prove that something has changed is to watch a rerun from a former season. If we as a viewing audience were just tired of the Robertsons, we would not laugh hysterically when watching “Duck Dynasty” episodes that we have seen countless times before. Something needs fixing on the show.