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‘Duck Dynasty’ ends with ‘Hacksaw’? WWE’s Jim Duggan at reunion (photo)

Jim Dugan joins Duck Dynasty finale
Jim Dugan joins Duck Dynasty finale
Jim Dugan / Facebook

The “Duck Dynasty” finale for the fans is going to have the fans laughing, crying and even screaming for a good fight when WWE’s Hacksaw (Jim Duggan) arrives. The best part of the night might be who gets in the ring for the fighting match that has been kept under tight wraps this season. The show might be focusing at Mia Robertson’s upcoming surgery, but it is the family reunion that will draw big laughs for the ending. According to CNN the family dynamics of the show is very important to the Robertson’s so having a big family reunion fits the idea of what the show is all about.

Now the family reunion looks pretty typical, but when Hacksaw is part of the plan and Uncle Si is dressed as the referee, there is nothing normal about that. Apparently that big ring that everyone keeps walking around is for the WWE star as he is offering up a match in the middle of Louisiana with few cameras, but plenty of drama.

For viewers who think it is almost too good to be true need to watch the season finale of “Duck Dynast” and fans need to take a peek at Jim Duggan’s Facebook page. Offering up pictures of the moment, it seems the star was happy to take time for the family and offer his wrestling services at the reunion. Of course it doesn’t matter where Hacksaw is fighting as he always offers up a great show!