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'Duck Dynasty' 'DWTS': Sadie Robertson joins 'DWTS' cast

Sadie Robertson
Sadie Robertson
Photo by Henry S. Dziekan III/Getty Images

Duck Dynasty meets DWTS? Totally. According to Yahoo! News, Sadie Robertson will be taking on the ballroom, going head-to-head with competitors like Andi Dorfman (The Bachelorette) and Olympic athlete LoLo Jones. The 17-year-old model might not know too much about dancing, but Duck Dynasty fans are excited to see the Robertsons expanding their reach once again. Of course it's going to be super weird to see Phil Robertson and Uncle Si sitting in the audience in their camo gear...

Sadie's mom, Korie Robertson, spoke about her daughter's love of Dancing with the Stars and it really seems like a dream come true for her! "I think that our kids are really natural in front of the camera and they have fun with it. Sadie I think wants to maybe be on a talk show and she wants to be on Dancing with the Stars!"

Duck Dynasty and DWTS don't seem like a likely pairing, and it's unknown if producers wanted a different Robertson on the show (can you even imagine one of the bearded guys dancing the Cha Cha Cha?). Sadie will likely do really well on the show, since there are millions of Duck Dynasty fans out there that will vote for her. However, it's unclear how the demographics of the two shows will overlap. Do the same people who watch Dancing With The Stars watch Duck Dynasty? Or will ABC see an increase of ratings because those fans will be tuning in to watch Sadie? The network is probably hoping for the latter.