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‘Duck Dynasty’ deals with record low ratings; 3 reasons fans didn’t watch

#Redneck Reunion: Duck Dynasty's season finale
#Redneck Reunion: Duck Dynasty's season finale
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The “Duck Dynasty finale on Wednesday night was a big deal for some fans. Once again the family came together for a festive time as they celebrated life and honored little Mia Robertson who was heading to the hospital for surgery. Apparently not as many viewers who promised to be watching actually tuned in. According to Boston Herald on Thursday, the finale was down sharply compared to 2013.

There’s a good reason for the lack of viewership on Wednesday night and for those fans who once loved the Robertson family, it’s safe to say that the negative comments of Phil Robertson lingers. People who don’t agree with Robertson's comments are still upset. And then there is how A&E treated the family. People who agreed with Phil are upset about how A&E suspended him and didn't have his back.

Another reason people have stopped watching is that the show seems less genuine than it has ever been before. At the beginning, it appeared the family was living a normal life, but now they have an “event” planned for every episode. And the ladies, especially Miss Kay, have on heavy makeup looking like they walked off a fashion runway. Even while making cookies, she is all dolled up and it is so fake. She outshines Barbara Billingsley in "Leave it to Beaver" for dressed up mom of the year.

The final reason that fans didn't tune in? Well, the show is always pitching merchandise. Did anyone see all the “Duck Dynasty” gifts available at Walmart over the holidays? What about the stuff to buy right now? It’s all too much.

The cast of “Duck Dynasty” shouldn't feel bad about no longer being the main commodity of the reality show world. It happened to “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” and they survived too. The difference is that Honey Boo Boo is shooting the next season and nobody knows for sure when “Duck Dynasty” will be airing new episodes again as it hasn't been announced, yet.