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‘Duck Dynasty’ in Congress? Phil Robertson’s nephew, Zach Dasher, wants to win

Phil Robertson's nephew is running for Congress
Phil Robertson's nephew is running for Congress
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

The “Duck Dynasty” cast definitely is going to be seen around the latest Republican candidate for Congress as he is a family relative. Announcing on Monday, Phil Robertson’s nephew, Zach Dasher, is running in Louisiana’s 5th district. According to Time Magazine on Monday, Dasher made his decision on Monday and is expected to do well with his platform.

The political world is looking at Zach Dasher and considering his candidacy. His background in pharmaceutical and real estate industries might help the locals and he is running on a conservative Republican platform, but it is his connection to the reality stars that have most people interested. While Zach Dasher hasn't been formally introduced to the fans of “Duck Dynasty,” it doesn't matter as he is related to the man who runs the big reality show family – Phil Robertson.

Known for his outspoken views and previously published over-the-top comments, there isn't any doubt that Phil Robertson brings baggage to the campaign for Zach Dasher. It also brings a lot of star power as the “Duck Dynasty” family has definitely found their way into the hearts of America and they are especially loved in the south. Zach Dasher obviously will need to find a way to distance himself from the comments Phil made in GQ Magazine, yet still use all the cloud the family has built up with A&E viewers.

Will Zach Dasher actually get a seat in Congress? Well, that is for the voters of the district to decide. What the fans of TV want to know is after he wins. And assuming he becomes a Congressman does that mean that people will see Phil Robertson in Washington, DC more often? That might be a reason to vote (or not vote) for Dasher too. This race is Dasher’s first run for public office and it will be interesting to see how the reality face influences the decision of the voters.