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‘Duck Dynasty’ cast on big screen? Willie Robertson, wife, Korie in movie

Duck Dynasty” fans are going to be thrilled to learn that they don’t need to watch TV to see the Robertson family. Thanks to the popularity of the family, both Willie and Korie Robertson are appearing in an upcoming movie. According to WTXLTV on Tuesday, the reality stars will have parts in "God's Not Dead."

The idea about the reality stars being in a movie can’t be that surprising. The family is seen in every other type of venue including churches, sitcoms and even offered keynote speaking engagements. With so many fans loving what the stars preach and their wholesome reality show, it seems like the idea of being in a Godly movie made perfect sense.

The movie trailer shows a clear-cut challenge that would make any college student question how to answer the question without flunking out of the college course. Professor Radison (played by Kevin Sorbo) puts an intense challenge out to his students. Check out the first few moments of the trailer above to see "Duck Dynasty" cast members.

In “God’s Not Dead” college freshman, Josh Wheaton (played by Shane Harper), is faced with a challenge for a grade. He must prove God's existence by presenting arguments and evidence over the course of the semester. Reflecting on his faith and future, the character finds that he needs to believe in what he thinks and actually prove the existence of God. With almost no one in his corner it seems the exploration of the idea offers viewers a chance to explore the foundation of his religious values.

"God's Not Dead" premieres on March 21, featuring Kevin Sorbo, Shane.

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