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‘Duck Dynasty’ cast offers Mia Robertson surgery update: ‘Mia is recovering'

Duck Dynasty Surgery
Duck Dynasty Surgery
Missy Robertson / Twitter

The fans of “Duck Dynasty” have been praying and worrying for Mia Robertson after her surgery on Friday. The young cast member is the daughter of Missy and Jase Roberson and has been seen often on the reality show. After an operation during the morning hours, it appears that she is now recovering in the hospital.

“Mia is recovering well in hospital. Long road to healing but she's a trooper! Thanks for prayers and concern. #3monthLiquidDiet #Ouch,” tweeted Missy Robertson from her official Twitter account on Friday night. The parents of Mia Robertson have updated the fans all day long on the status of the young lady who fans have grown to love on the show.

While the hospital location has been kept confidential, the family has shared several pictures before and after the surgery. From the family gathering beside Mia Robertson’s bed before the surgery to the previous day with the pre-op appointments, the reality show family has shared their journey even though it isn’t on television. Knowing that the fans appreciate the firsthand look, there is no doubt it take time from the parents sitting with their little girl.
As “Duck Dynasty” fans know, all the members of the Robertson family are important which makes it critical to keep an eye on Mia Robertson’s surgery as it is posted on social media. Duck Dynasty fans have offered words of encouragement, prayers and even supported Mia Robertson’s parents.

Now that Mia Robertson’s surgery is over, the next step is slowing nursing the child back to health. The “Duck Dynasty” fans will be supporting this step too as the reality television family is loved and appreciated.