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'Duck Dynasty' cast member dies in accident is just a hoax

Willie Robertson
Photo by Michael Loccisano

Fans of the show "Duck Dynasty" keep searching for "Duck Dynasty" cast member dies in accident, but this is all just a hoax. As of Jan. 15, 2014, nobody from the cast has died in an accident and they are all doing just fine. These are simply rumors that someone feels the need to start when they aren't even true.

If you look at, people have been asking about this for a long time now. The rumors keep coming out, but they are all doing just fine. All four of Phil Robertson's sons are now seen on the show. This season they are even adding in Rebecca Robertson to the cast of the series. They are all doing just fine and will be back on the show as usual.

Don't miss new episodes of "Duck Dynasty" as season five starts on Jan. 15 on A&E. You will get a new episode every week on Wednesday night. Please like my Facebook for the latest in entertainment news.

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