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'Duck Dynasty' bathroom humor: Where have the writers gone?

Willie Robertson in a recent appearance on Hannity
Willie Robertson in a recent appearance on Hannity
Photo by Paul Zimmerman/Getty Images

"Duck Dynasty" aired a new episode Wednesday night on A & E. In recapping the show, about all that needs to be said is, "Ew, gross." Most of the show was comprised of bathroom humor! This was not the normal, "Si's frequent urination" jokes but bathroom humor of the second kind. And, the worst part is that it wasn't even funny.

The only bright spot in the show this week was the reappearance of the slow-talking radio host, Mountain Man. The previous season's episodes featuring Mountain Man were some of the classic "Duck Dynasty" shows that fans enjoy over and over again in reruns, still laughing out loud each time. Mountain Man was holding a contest for his radio show; he told Willie he was giving away a new truck. The problem was that he had no truck, and he had already advertised the contest.

With Korie, Willie's wife, helping him, Mountain Man managed to talk Willie into not only contributing some money toward the truck as a sponsor, but making an appearance at the hard-body contest. Whoever still had a hand on the truck at the last was to take it home. When Willie made his appearance, he found that the truck had become a wood chipper, purchased solely with his donation and that Si was the only contestant.

When Si refused to relinquish the top-of-the-line wood chipper, Willie became a contestant, too. Right there was when this episode took a nosedive. At the risk of being very crude, let's say that Willie needed a bathroom break in the worst, possible way. It seemed that viewers were subjected to watching his embarrassing contortions and groans for hours. (The show is only a half hour long.) Meanwhile, the guys watching were narrating the already-unpleasant situation with every applicable slang description. It was truly painful and disgusting to watch.

The other storyline on the show was so recycled and worn out that it hardly merits a mention. It was basically the same script used in a previous episode featuring Willie freaking out over Sadie's new boyfriend. This time, however, it was Jep dealing with his 11-year-old daughter Lilly’s first date playing mini-golf. It was beyond silly.

The show did end on a good note, as always. Si prayed a beautiful prayer over the food as they all gathered around the table at Mountain Man's house. Even that was not devoid of its "yuck" moment when Mountain Man announced that he needed some disinfectant for his bathroom that Willie used. Where in the world have the "Duck Dynasty" writers gone? According to the Hollywood Reporter, the show has made a 46% season-to-season ratings slide. Something is just not right here.

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