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Duck Donuts in Corolla, North Carolina

a unique offering from Duck Donuts
a unique offering from Duck Donuts
Carol Stigger

Beach vacations are all about the sun, the sand, the surf, the seafood. And every destination has, or should have, a unique culinary offering. The sub sandwiches from Fenwick Island, Delaware, are a three-generation family legend. Photos of key lime pie in Key West equal photos of sunburned family faces. Positano has that incredible calamari stew, and Latina surprised us with octopus pizza. On the Adriatic, every offering had tenales or fins or unidentified catches of the day.

But donuts? I can walk to my nearest Dunkin Donuts, and Krispy Creme is a short bike ride. So what was all the fuss about Duck Donuts on the Outer Banks of North Carolina? We resisted for three days. "It's just donuts," we proclaimed while chowing down crab cakes and swordfish and clams and oysters.

Then, someone in our party showed his Midwestern side and gifted us with a large box of Duck Donuts. Warm, fresh, and topped with lemon, maple, cinnamon, more that got eaten before I could note them. And then, the ultimate donut -- coated with icing and bacon bits. A meal, in fact: carbs, sugar, meat. I added a few strawberries and called it breakfast.

Duck Donuts was started six years ago on a whim by long-time Outer Bank vacationers who lamented the fact the Outer Banks had everything but locally made donuts. Their first shop was such a success, they franchised it and now Duck Donuts can be found in Duck, Corolla, and Kill Devil Hills. They have invaded the mainland with shops in Virginia Beach and Williamsburg.

Dunkin Donuts still makes the best coffee, but Krispy Creme move over. You have been outdone.

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