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Duck and cover: another time bomb explodes in America

another shrine to more innocent victims
another shrine to more innocent victims
Photo by David McNew/Getty Images

America has been dealing with crazed individuals our entire history, the only difference in the past fifty years is the consistency and ease these walking time bombs have when they choose the day they will explode. Keep in mind, it was 1966 when Charles Whitman blew what was left of his mind, and climbed the bell tower at the University of Texas (Austin), and shot-killed (16) and wounded (32) people as they went about their day on that school's campus. That was almost 50 years ago!

Had Whitman's outrageous mass murder been a fluke, we could just write it off as a crazed individual (he supposedly had a brain tumor which probably didn't help matters) who blew his mind and was angry at then world. Keep in mind, this act occurred just three years after the Kennedy assassination, and was within a month or so of Richard Speck's brutal killing of eight student nurses in Chicago. Within three years of this mayhem, Charles Manson hit the scene and America was off to the bloody races, and we've been so ever since.

As America melted down in the 1960's, this growing bloodshed took place along with civil unrest which means riots and bombings (of ROTC centers..etc..). Vietnam was surging, and soon became apparent as an obvious mistake. The family unit was beginning to break down, and divorce was on its way to becoming the norm. The drug culture help fuel many as chaos replaced what was, generally speaking, a country of law and order. The 1950's had been pretty stable. As the 1970's rolled on, we had more serial killers make a name for themselves like Ted Bundy, and John Wayne Gacy (aka Pogo the Clown). The Post Office killings surfaced in the 1980's ("goin' postal"). This created the scenario where a worker-fired or whatever, got mad, and took revenge by coming back to work and killing his supervisor (I guess they figured they weren't going to be rehired anyway). Domestic violence was now rampant, and it showed up daily across America usually by a guy beating and/or killing his wife because she wanted to leave: men in America, apparently have a problem with rejection.

If all this wasn't bad enough, school kids wanted to get in the act too, and did so with both barrels blazing. The 1990's was the decade of the child--"the wild child". It appeared to me that, after years of broken homes, neglect, and frankly tens of thousands of idiots having kids they weren't prepared to raise, children felt unloved, and were surrounded by easy to get guns. This toxic recipe was further enhanced by what we all know about grade and high school: kids can be merciless about picking on other kids. nerdy types are made fun of, and God forbid if a child has a real handicap. At some point towards the end of the 1990's, some young teens had enough and in a place called Columbine, decided to do something about it. This incident sparked off copy-cat killer kids, and going to school all of a sudden became a life threatening event. We used to tease our fellow students in the old days, but if I was in school today, I'd be taking the, so-called nerds to lunch...just in case.

So here we are in 2014. This time bomb around the University of California at Santa Barbara, was named Elliot O. Rodger, 22 years old. His twist on this mass killing was to post a Youtube rant outlining why he was angry, and needed to kill those(relatively speaking) who made him an outcast. He killed six, and wounded thirteen. What was weird is the first three he killed, were either roommates or just residents of the apartment complex. He stabbed and killed those young men. I'm not sure why he just didn't shoot them-he had plenty of ammunition. I'm also not sure if the three were together in the same room when this happened. If so-you would think the others could have over taken Rodger, but the whole story hasn't been told yet.

Elliot Rodger obviously had trouble making friends, and was still a virgin (alert to all dads with college age sons who are virgins: if it means getting them a prostitute- do so--asap!). It seems the area police had at least three interactions with Rodgers in the past year. The last one took place at his parents who were worried about their son. He was obviously "acting strange" enough for his parents to call the police. Rodger's mentioned this in his rant, and said if the police had searched his room, they would've seen the guns and ammo. I guess that was mistake number one. The trouble is, Elliot seemed like a "normal kid" when police spoke with him, meaning he was polite and articulate. His parents divorced when he was in the first grade. Elliot Rodger allegedly has Aspergers Disorder which means he had trouble with social interaction, something which wouldn't have helped in making friends. It may not have mattered, other kids involved in school shooting didn't have such disorders, they were just highly upset at the world for being picked on, made fun of, and feeling like outcasts. That's the difference in today's world: upset at the world? go kill people, and then yourself--you'll feel a lot better.

After these events, it's always painful to see a young person's parent crying as they try to make sense out of insanity and scream about the senselessness of our world, where guns are plentiful, and sanity is not. Now any of us can simply be killed because we might be at the wrong place at the wrong time while another outcast goes berserk. It would be impossible to know when this will happen, and getting all the gums and ammo won't be a problem. Elliot Rodger had 400 rounds left in his car after he died: he could have done quite a bit more damage had he wanted to. Don't forget it's always easy to build a bomb since most of us can easily get online and figure that out.It's far too late for gun control. We had our chance for that sometime in the 1960's when all hell was breaking loose. America, in its infinite wisdom chose gun availability-massive and pervasive availability. We've even doubled down on that, as Georgia has shown by making it legal to carry guns in bars. Why should a drunk not be able to handle a gun? The NRA will tell you gun violence has gone down over the past several years, and they would be correct. The only problem is--America had to arm itself in order to bring down gun violence. It's as if Darwin's theory is moving backwards.

There will be more outbursts and gun bursts. There will be more angry kids upset at rejection, and ditto that for men who had his wife or girlfriend leave him. He may even kill his children over that. There will be more disgruntled workers who kill their boss, and some fellow employees. We will be shocked for a day or two. There will also be the proverbial TV interview with the neighbor who will say, "he was such a nice guy", or my favorite, "nothing like this ever happens here". Yes folks, we need to get back to the future and reintroduce the old "Duck and Cover" campaign used so wisely when our government was trying to teach us what to do if and when the atom bomb goes off. Duck and cover! Now it might be when little Tommy or Bobby go off after the endless teasing by school kids. Maybe the disgruntled worker coming back to the office after being fired. It might happen in a restaurant or beauty salon where an angry husband blows through the door looking for his wife who had just told him she is leaving. Remember folks, at the first sign of gunfire--duck and cover! Unhinged Americans are going off from coast to coast.

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