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Duchess Kate pregnancy bets suspended: Kate's baby buzz saturated odds makers

Kate Middleton's possible baby news has book makers in a frenzy, suspending betting on the month that Kate and William make the announcement of their second baby on the way!
Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images

One of the first signs of Kate Middleton possibly expecting her second baby came via odds makers who suspended taking bets on her pregnancy announcement. The odds makers were taking bets on the month that Kate and William will announce that their second child is on the way. The bet suspension followed a flurry of wages that were posted overnight, according to The Huffington Post on July 16.

The book makers were offering the odds of 10-1 that Kate and William would make their second pregnancy announcement this month. That was before the betting closed. Since Kate's friend jumped the gun and made the announcement for the couple, people were flocking to get their bets in.

An Australian magazine claims that Kate's former school mate "confirmed" that her dear friend was expecting a second child. With friends like this, well who needs enemies? You would think a good friend would let Kate make her own announcement.

According to Yahoo News, Jessica Hay has said that Kate is indeed pregnant again and that she will make that announcement within the next few months. If you remember it was this same former school chum of Kate's who confirmed she was pregnant with Prince George back in an interview she did in 2012.

This was weeks before Kate and William made their first pregnancy announcement. Jessica Hay has been talking about Kate for quite some time before and during her pregnancy with Prince George. She refers to herself as Kate's oldest friend. She talks and the media listens, but is she really a friend of Kate's still today?

Hay was correct in 2012 when saying that Kate and William would be announcing her first pregnancy soon, but most would find it very hard to believe that Kate would share so much as a recipe with this woman, never mind her pregnancy news after she announced Kate's first pregnancy to the world.

She had a field day in the media when she offered up the news of Kate's first pregnancy. She was in high demand for interviews and took advantage of any offer to get on TV or interviewed.

It was right after Jessica Hay trumped Kate's first pregnancy announcement that Kate suffered from morning sickness and was hospitalized. This is when Kate and William officially came forward with the news of her pregnancy.

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