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Duchess Kate photo: Scandalous image of Duchess Kate exposed

Duchess Kate photo causes royal stir once again.
Photo by Pool/Getty Images

A Duchess Kate photo scandalous enough to warrantroyal worry has surfaced. The image of Kate Middleton was snapped while she and Prince William were touring Australia and New Zealand. Bild magazine in Germany is responsible for printing the image and now everyone is waiting for a reaction from the palace.

Hollywood Life reports that the Duchess was leaving a helicopter when the forceful winds from the propellers behind her caused her dress to fly upwards, exposing her bare bottom.

The Duchess Kate photo was captioned: “Photos show our favorite Duchess Kate, 32, in the Australian Blue Mountains. The rotor blades of the royal helicopter swirl the air so that Kate’s summer dress blew up — giving a clear view of her beautiful bum!”

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were visiting Australia's Blue Mountains on April 17 when this occurred. Apparently, newspapers and other media refused to print the image. Page Six reports that a frantic bidding for the photograph ensued and Bild decided to print it.

Will the Queen talk to Kate about setting new standards and order she wear appropriate undergarments from now on to avoid this type of mishap? She's been in the press for being in her bikini and having topless images taken. While an invasion of her privacy was definitely violated, she might be well advised to be a little more conservative with some of the choices she makes as far as covering herself. She is the future Queen of England and she must adhere to a certain standard since royal protocol calls for that type of discretion.

What's your thought on the Duchess Kate photo? See image HERE.

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