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Duchess Kate photo: German magazine causes frenzy with bare shot

A Duchess Kate photo published by a German magazine is getting quite the reaction on the Internet. It is also riling up Kate Middleton as well. Bild, a tabloid in Germany, published an up skirt photo showing off the behind of the Duchess of Cambridge. Kate Middleton was not wearing any underwear that day apparently, but the photo does not show all that much of her behind. Huffington Post UK reported on the frenzy caused by this publication on May 26.

This photo was taken during Kate and William's recent trip to Australia. During one of their helicopter rides, the breeze caused by the movement of the helicopter blades caused Kate's dress to blow up, and one photographer managed to capture the quick glimpse of Kate's naked behind with their camera. The photographer then tried to sell their photo, but it took a bit to sell the photo. Diane Von Furstenberg finally managed to sell the photos to the German publication.

Bild published the photo as a part of an online feature that poked fun at Kate Middleton. The publication even asked for a clothes ban for William's wife. The following was said with the posting of the photo: "Photos show our favourite Duchess Kate, 32, in the Australian Blue Mountains. The rotor blades of the royal helicopter swirl the air so that Kate's summer dress blew up – giving a clear view of her beautiful bum."

The publication of this photo is causing new debate over privacy for the royal family. This is not the first incident where Kate's privacy has been violated recently. Another publication admitted to hacking Kate's phone over 100 times prior to her marriage to William in 2011. That bit of information was released just earlier this month, according to The publication involved in the hacking was News of the World, and those involved with the publication admitted to hacking aides to the royal family, but they now revealed that they hacked Kate as well.

The posting of the photo has also caused a bit of stir on Twitter. Tweets about the photo either poked fun at it or started conversation about Kate Middleton. Some wondered why Kate didn't wear weights in order to keep her dress down. This would have avoided the situation entirely. The British press did not even want the photo. This is why the photographer had to put the photo up for sale. This scandal follows a recent makeover of Kate by Queen Elizabeth. She thought Kate's skirts were too short.

This photo of Kate Middleton is simply a photo of her behind. If she was anyone else, no one would even care about the up skirt shot. Photos of these type are not new. They are embarrassing and unnecessary, but that is about it. The fact that the photo is of Kate Middleton is the reason for the frenzy over the photo. It is a matter of her privacy being violated that is causing most of the frenzy as well.

Did the photographer really need to sell the photo? Was Kate Middleton's privacy really violated here? What do you think? Share your thoughts below.

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