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Duchess Kate joke pokes fun at William's bald spot

Kate has a little fun at William's expense.
Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Duchess Kate can joke about her husband, and he doesn't seem to mind a bit. Kate and William are still visiting down under, and they attended an Easter show on Friday in Sydney. During the event, the pair were shown around. They spent time looking at each display, but Kate decided to make a joke at her husband's expense. On April 17, Daily Mail reported on the joke she made.

What did Kate poke fun at during the event? Prince William's growing bald spot. Kate stopped when the pair looked at alpaca wool, and she suggested he make a toupee out of the wool. She even said he needed it more than she did. In photos taken at the event, William is shown laughing at the little joke. He didn't seem to be at all bothered by it. Kate also revealed that Prince George is a fan of sweet potatoes at another exhibit stop.

Prince William's bald spot is not uncommon in his family. Prince Charles is known for him, and Harry is already developing a bald spot as well. Baldness does seem to a common gene for the men in this family. Harry is known for making fun of his brother's balding head, but this time Kate decided to do it. This couple seems to be enjoying their time in Australia and New Zealand, and the people that have managed to catch a glimpse of them have shown their love for the Duke and Duchess.

What do you think of Kate poking a little fun at her husband and his hair?

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