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Duchess Kate joke: Kate Middleton makes joke about Prince William's hair

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge
Photo by Pool/Getty Images

Duchess Kate made a joke about her husband's thinning hair and it has gone viral! According to Mail Online, Kate Middleton joked that Prince William should wear an alpaca toupee because of his growing bald spot. The royal couple toured displays at Sydney's Royal Easter show on Friday and when Kate came face-to-face with an alpaca. She thought its wool would do wonders on top of William's head and that's pretty much what she said!

"The princess said (the Duke) should put some on his head. She pointed at him and said 'You need it more than me,'" explained Lyn Cregan, 67, from Glen Innes. The Prince laughed, clearly appreciating his wife's sense of humor.

The Duchess Kate joke was quite funny and it just goes to show just how strong the couple's relationship is. Being able to laugh at things that would make you uncomfortable, self-conscious, or embarrassed is a great quality. It sounds like Kate and William are able to joke around about the things that are "less than perfect" and that they are both on the same page.

Kate's joke was well-received by most people (because really, who hasn't made fun of Prince William once or twice?). Not only is she classy, but she's gorgeous -- and she has a great sense of humor. Prince William really found a great woman who seems like a fantastic mother -- and someone that everyone would so easily get along with. It's safe to say that William's late mother would be so proud of him.

Duchess Kate's joke wasn't meant to be mean in any way... were you surprised that she came right out with it?