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Duchess Kate: Familiar outfits show Kate is not afraid to recycle

Kate Middleton shows off her style in navy jacket.
Photo by Arthur Edwards - Pool/Getty Images

Duchess Kate has been seen in familiar outfits during her trip to New Zealand with William and Prince George. Kate Middleton has brought out some outfits she has worn on previous occasions, and she is showing that she is not afraid to wear the same thing twice. She knows that fans of hers will definitely notice the recycled clothing choice. On April 14, Canada Journal reported on Kate's style choices during her New Zealand trip.

Kate has been seen wearing one of her 'fail-safe' outfits of blue skinny jeans and a double breasted navy blazer. She has pulled out that ensemble twice during this trip down under. She just wore different shirts each time she wore it. This is something she does when she is going casual.

What does this say about Kate Middleton? This shows that the royal is price conscious. She is known as thrifty by the world, and there is nothing at all wrong with that. Why wear something once and then throw it out? This is something known to be done by the well off and rich. With today's economy, it is not smart to do though.

Kate is showing that she is aware of the world economy, and she is also showing that she knows what looks good on her. If she finds something that flatters her figure, she isn't afaid to wear it again and again. If something looks good, why not? What do you think? Do you approve of Kate's style choices? Is she pulling off the 'recycled' fashion?

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