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Duchess Kate dress sells out in 8 minutes flat in whirlwind of virtual shoppers

Kate Miiddleton's dress flew off the rack, in 8 minutes it was sold out!
Photo by WPA Pool/Getty Images

Kate Middleton has done something that Princess Diana never did. That is to entice the masses to the point that the dress she is wearing gets sold out in under eight minutes! According to the Christian Post on April 17, it took only eight minutes from the time Kate was photographed in this dress for it to be labeled "out of stock." You can see Kate wearing that dress in the above picture.

Princess Diana could never do this, but not because Kate is more popular than her fashion trend-setting predecessor. It is because Kate is living during a time where even some of the most remote spots of the world have access to the Internet today.

When Princess Diana would step out in a breathtaking ensemble, this was seen mostly by people watching TV news and later in magazines. When Diana first became the people’s princess, the Internet was basically for the fortunate few. When she died in 1997, the Internet was more available, but people weren’t watching her over the portable technology that exists today.

Kate is the first fashion icon to come out of the royal family in a day and age where she is instantly seen around the world on devices people are holding in their hands. If she is within a camera’s range, what she has on at any given moment is seen in a matter of seconds on the hand held devices anywhere on the globe.

This is the age were most any desk in any office is donned with a computer or laptop, bringing the outside world inside in seconds flat. Once getting a gander at what Kate is wearing, it takes only a couple of more seconds to click on to a shopping site and buy that item that Kate is wearing. It doesn't take much for Kate to entice the masses to buy an item of clothing, she does this by just putting the attire on.

Yahoo Fashion reports today that when Kate stepped out to tour areas around Sydney wearing the new season blue and white patterned wrap dress from the Diane Von Furstenberg line. This is the dress that went viral. The dress has the feel of a Cape Cod summer day, for all you New Englanders.

What is nice about this outfit is that it would flatter many women of different shapes and sizes. This dress wasn’t one of Kate’s bargain finds though, it set the palace back about $500. You have to admit that it’s stunning appearance makes it worth every cent.

This wasn’t the first time on this trip that Kate caused a designer’s apparel to sell out within minutes, according to Us Weekly. It was back on April 9 that Kate stepped out in a Tory Burch dress that sold out in minutes. Designers must love to see Kate sporting one of their designs, it is the best advertising known to mankind!

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