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Duchess Kate bodyguard: Duchess' bodyguard will keep photographers in line

Duchess Kate assigned a bodyguard.
Photo by WPA Pool/Getty Images

Duchess Kate has a bodyguard just one week following the "bum" photo scandal from her visit in Australia and New Zealand with Prince William. Kate has experienced a series of wardrobe malfunctions and the butt photo was the last straw for the palace. Action is being taken to prevent further embarrassing situations.

According to a June 2 report by the Christian Post, the bodyguard, also known as a "minder," has just been hired to protect the Duchess of Cambridge.

"This is reminiscent of the worst excesses of the paparazzi during Diana's life and the more upsetting to the duke and duchess for being so," Kate and William said in a statement.

The Mirror reports that a female minder will accompany Kate during shopping trips to make sure the paparazzi doesn't take photos that would potentially be humiliating for the monarchy.

It's unclear the Duchess Kate bodyguard will be on-hand assisting her during royal duties. So far, the bodyguard's main job is to make sure photographers don't have a chance to snap unflattering images of Kate. Princess Diana had a number of assistants while she was attending various events, but they weren't high-profile bodyguards.

Obviously, the palace is tired of fighting the press when bad decisions are made. Bad images of the royals are splashed on every tabloid known and the scandals are beyond embarrassing for the royal family.

If Duchess Kate has a bodyguard present with her full-time, the paparazzi can kiss goodbye any chance of selling tasteless pictures.

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