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Dubliner Pub: A Place to get out of the Cold

If you're looking for Irish anything, Dubliner Pub is the place to be. This pub will gladly serve you Magner's, Finnegan's, Caffery's, Harp, or Guinness. Upon asking the bartender what was most popular, and what he would recommend, he says only one word: Guinness. It's a sight to watch him pour it from the tap; it almost looks like straight gravy being poured into a pint glass. Finnegan's is pretty good, with its nice, classic Amber taste. There are also brews that are not Irish. The bartender admits shamefully that you can get Miller Lite here. The Windmer Brother Brrr is very good for those who enjoy a dark taste. You can also find some good seasonals as well. Right now, Summit Winter Ale is on tap, always a tasty treat. There are also other treats to be found, and that is Schell's. As of last night, Dubliner's was serving Schell's 1905 VT, which is impossible to find. The bartender told me that it went pretty fast, he only had a few more pints in the keg and they wouldn't be getting any more of the VT in. They try to stock as much Schell's as they can, grabbing as much of the seasonals and special drinks when they first come out. The VT was very good, and had lots of flavor. I always enjoy what Schell's has to offer.

This is a cool place to hang out, especially if you're into dive bars. The actual bar is pretty long, so it's nice to grab a stool and start a friendly chat with the bartender, if you can get his attention. There is a lot of live music going on here, and the happy hour performers were pretty good, if not very loud. Don't look to get a good meal with your brew here, they don't serve food. There is free popcorn, but I would have preferred peanuts. I also noticed a vending machine in the back.

Dubliner Pub would be a good place to stop into if you're looking to get out of the cold. What they have on tap here can certainly keep you warm. Their brews are pretty good, even if the bartender says he would recommend the Muddy Pig for good beer.

Dubliner Pub is on 2162 University Ave West, in Saint Paul.


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