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Dublin, Ohio - your two minute guide to becoming a local expert

If someone asks about the city logo, it's a clover leaf
If someone asks about the city logo, it's a clover leaf
City of Dublin website

Remember Cliff Clavin from Cheers, the bar know-it-all who regaled everyone (whether they wanted it or not) with little known facts about every topic under the sun? Well, over the next few weeks I thought I’d bring you a Clavin-like primer on different parts of our greater Columbus metropolitan area.  And if any of the information I share along the way helps win you a bet at your local bar or around the coffee cooler at work, know that I do take tips.

Let’s begin with Dublin, what you should know in two minutes or less.

  • How big is Dublin? Almost 24 square miles.
  • How many people live in Dublin? The population has increased from just under 700 residents in 1970 to more than 35,000 today.
  • How many people are in Dublin? Great question, because Dublin is also home to big businesses like Wendy’s, Ashland, OCLC and thousands of small and mid-sized companies. So Monday through Friday the daytime population in Dublin actually swells to over 60,000.
  • Who lives in Dublin?  Typical Dublinites are described as upwardly mobile, young, married and employed folks.
  • That's who lives there now, but how about in the past.  What Indian tribes lived in the area? Native Americans included the Hopewell, Adenas, Delaware, Shawnee and Wyandot tribes.
  • When was Dublin founded?  One answer is1802, when Pennsylvanians Peter and Benjamin Sells purchased 400 acres of land for their brother, John. Today that land comprises Historic Dublin.
  • When was Dublin officially Dublin? Another good question, and one that could definately win you a bet.  That's because although it was incorporated in 1881, it didn’t officially become a city until August, 1987. 
  • What can I expect to see in Dublin? Early nineteenth century architecture, dry limestone fences, and buildings listed in the National Registry of Historic Places.
  • What are the biggest events in Dublin? There are two - the PGA’s Memorial golf tournament in June, and the Dublin Irish Festival in August - both of which draw crowds into the six figures.
  • Ok last question.  How did Dublin get it’s name? As the story goes, John Sells asked Surveyor John Shields to name the area. Shields is reported to have said: “If I have the honor conferred upon me to name your village, with the brightness of the morn and the beaming sun on the hills and dales surrounding this beautiful valley, it would give me great pleasure to name your new town after my birthplace, Dublin, Ireland.”

Now you can pony up to the bar at places like the Dublin Village Tavern or The Brazenhead and hold your ground with any local verteran.


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