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Dublin, Ohio named one of the top seven International Intelligent Communities

Dublin, Ohio voted as a top 7 globabl broadband community
Dublin, Ohio voted as a top 7 globabl broadband community
City of Dublin website

The City of Dublin, Ohio joins Scotland, Estonia and South Korea three others to be named a Top Seven Intelligent Community in a New York-based think tank's annual list of smart cities from around the globe. The Top Seven Communities are: Arlington County, Va.; Dublin, Ohio; Dundee, Scotland; Eindhoven, Netherlands; Ottawa, Ontario, Canada; Suwon, South Korea and Tallinn, Estonia.

According to the Intelligent Communities Forum (ICF), Intelligent Communities are those which have come to understand the enormous challenges of the Broadband Economy, and have taken conscious steps to create an economy capable of prospering in it.

The Intelligent Community Forum defined five critical success factors for the creation of Intelligent Communities - broadband connectivity, knowledge workforce, digital inclusion, innovation, and marketing and advocacy - all of which Dublin met.  Dublin has used its innovative underground fiber optic network DubLink to establish the Central Ohio Research Network linking government, businesses and schools to the Ohio Supercomputer Center. In addition, the City is promoting an entrepreneurial economy through efforts such as the establishment of the Dublin Entrepreneurial Center, and partnering with the education and business communities to ensure a highly skilled workforce now and into the future.

The Top Seven are the seven top-scoring communities from among the Smart21 Intelligent Communities announced in October.  Dublin was also named a Smart21 Community in 2007, 2008 and 2009. This is the first time it has been named to the Top Seven list.  For more information on the awards program, visit