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Dublin Dog shows their green side

Recycling the Dublin Dog way
Recycling the Dublin Dog way

Charlotte based dog collar company, Dublin Dog, has more than a good thing going.

Jason Watson, Founder of Dublin Dog, has created the All-Style-No-Stink collar. As an avid advocate for the use of therapy and service dogs, he created the Dublin Dog Foundation. Jason has worked in the past with the American Pet Cross, designing a collar specifically to help the organization’s Save One campaign and now, has adopted a program to lessen the carbon paw print.

The Re-gift/Re-cycle program through Dublin Dog makes it very simple for dog owners to do their part in reducing waste. Old collars can be sent back to Dublin Dog, where they will either be donated to a shelter, or broken down for recycling on the spot. As these collars were built to be resilient and funk free, they make excellent re-gifting items for dogs in need.

As a thank you for helping to reduce waste, Dublin Dog offers a 15% discount that can be used to adorn your best four-legged friend in anything from Argyle to Kaleidoscope.

As we realize the certain need to be wary of our environmental impact, companies like Dublin Dog are stepping up to make greener living more easily attainable.

As the creative folks at Dublin Dog would say, “we should all be so lucky”.

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