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Duality of man and universe are illuminated by the Full Moon in Gemini

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“I am liberated by unconditional love while embodying compassionate wisdom energized by directed eternal faith.”

What brilliant astrological occurrences and opportunities we have been given to step into with this Full Moon in Gemini. Many perfectly positioned and moving energies are stirring about the celestial heavens: Sagittarius Sun in opposition to Gemini and Uranus moving direct in Aries. We are also in the season of Christmas, one to embrace each other and honor the spirit in all of us. Whether you believe Jesus was a man, a Master or the one and only Son of God, he lived his life to awaken us to the Divine Light of hope, love and compassion. This Full Moon encourages us to strengthen our communication and fundamental beliefs, balance our duality of Heaven and Earth, as well as earthly needs, and give us courage to be devout to our own message of peace and harmony toward all our relationships.

Elegantly appointed in astrology we are given the planets, elements, zodiac signs, polarities and qualities. We are going to dive into the ethers of the planets and the elements to learn more about how we can be in full expression with this Full Moon.

Uranus is known as, The Awakener . An outlying large planet of icy atmospheric gas, rolling on its axis like a Webble Wooble, not normal but a true patronage to individuality and boundless limitations.

Gemini ruling planet is, Mercury – The Messenger. This planet concerns all things communication, technological inventions, the creator of thoughts and ideas through the myriad of electrical impulses of the nervous system.

Aries ruling planet is, Mars – The Warrior. In this world of frozen mystery, one finds desires and action. Here standing in our own power and making outwardly expression is encouraged.

Sagittarius ruling planet is, Jupiter – The Abundant Supporter. Some believe this is the “Lucky” planet, but the luck is the underlying influence to encourage us to go deep for support in philosophical, metaphysical and interpersonal matters.

"There are elements to love and hate, not sitting too far apart, as one is a suffocated expression of love the others is the expansion of love; all originated in the Divine Source of Infinite Love." Soulshine Soul-u-tions

The Elements in astrology are like that of our earthly impacted elements: earth, air, water, fire. Here are the elements we are working with in the signs of Aries, Sagittarius and Gemini.

Aries and Sagittarius have the element of Fire. Fire is the starter of action and becomes overwhelmed or out of control when too much wind hits it or if water gets in the way, it burns out.

Gemini’s element is Air. Air is a more spread out energy that has the quality of all knowing and experiencing but has trouble grounding.

Looking at the stars as a symbolical and archetypal design we can explore some real meaning to our astrological influences. We are being heavily supported with energies of courage and communication. What is it we are trying to express? Are we still simmering ideas or holding back feelings? Are we ready to declare our beliefs or are we stuck in conformity?

Uranus has gone direct today in the sign of Aries. This is helping us uncover those intuitive and creative desires that we may have been too shy to give authority to surface. Aries is ramming into the boundaries that we may have set for ourselves and crushing them with direct force. Sagittarius is our partner in spirit and the material world. Again, forcing us to stand up for our internal needs and bring balance to our worldly material desires.

When there is resistance, there is imbalance.

Gemini wrestles with the duality inside all of us. The energy of this Full Moon in Gemini, ask us to find love as the balance. Sometimes resistance sparks when we have fear, the opposite of love. Many times we are faced with resistance by an imbalance of needs and desires. Work with Sagittarius in helping target which impediment we may be pushing against as he is a spiritual conquistador who has worked with our illusions before. Use Mars’ energy and propulsion to help communicate the message through the mastery of Mercury and allow Jupiter to cradle us in support of all our challenges and new creations.

What a soup of communication, liberation and activation! These planets are connecting in high mass to help us take our own pilgrimage to salvation just days before the Christmas holiday. Jesus asked us to resist temptation, bring faith and love into every situation and treat one and all as brotherhood. There is a shadow part to every piece of light, hidden behind in secret or silence, illuminate both in the Full Moon and find eternal peaceful holiness.

Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas!

Blessings to a joyous liberation!

Love Courageously! JustLOVE

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