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'Dual Survival' news: Meet new cast member Matt Graham

'Dual Survival'
'Dual Survival'
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The viewers of "Dual Survival" are shocked to find out that someone is leaving the show. On Tuesday, IB Times shared about Cody Lundin being fired from the show. Next week it will be announced that after just four episodes he will be fired and not coming back. This immediately has fans wanting to know who will replace him on the series. His last episode on the show will air next week.

Cody Lundin actually went to his Facebook to tell fans who his replacement is and when they would be coming. Since a lot of fans don't follow him on social networks they had no idea what was going on at all. Cody shared the news that his replacement has been hired and will finish out the season for him.

The man hired to replace Cody is Matt Graham. He is on another Discovery show called "Dude, You're Screwed" so he already has a fan base that will follow him to his new show to watch him. Cody had nothing bad to say about him and just simply shared that he would be the one replacing him on the series. Matt has been seen on the show doing things such as making snow shoes and eating tree bark. It is obvious he has some amazing survival skills and will fit in on this show.

Matt has a bio up on Discovery that tells a bit more about him. At the age of 15, he started rock climbing and became a triathlon. He is very skilled with a bow and arrow. He was also on the documentary "Living Wild."

Don't miss "Dual Survival" on Wednesday nights on Discovery channel. Next week they will share that Cody Lundin is leaving and they might go ahead and share who his replacement will be. If they don't, then the next week you will get to see Matt join the show.