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'Dual Survival' fans want Cody Lundin back; will Discovery listen?

Did not take Discovery long to make the change on its "Dual Survival" banner!
Did not take Discovery long to make the change on its "Dual Survival" banner!
Discovery Channel via Facebook

Fans watched last night as Discovery Channel gave a long video explanation of why Cody Lundin is no longer part of the popular show “Dual Survival,” but viewers may not really care. When it is all said and done, viewers may just want Discovery to listen to them when they say across the Internet, “We want Cody back.”

Long-time viewers of “Dual Survival” recall when Dave Canterbury was replaced with Joe Teti, and most will agree: The show has just never been the same. Sure, Dave and Cody frequently argued, and the point is that the two specialists have differing points-of-view when it comes to surviving in emergency situations. However, when Dave and Cody disagreed, there was always a measure of respect in the mix. When Joe and Cody disagreed, however, it seemed personal and definitely not respectful of what each had to bring to the table. It just was not comfortable or entertaining for many viewers to watch.

Most likely, if Joe had been the one to go, there would have been few objections. Sure, Joe has his fans; even some Cody fans liked Joe as an individual; they just did not like what he brought to the show. And, let’s face it: Cody was the heart of “Dual Survival,” especially after Dave left. In the end, it is just hard to take away the heart of the show and expect people to applaud the change.

Discovery presented an hour of video clips last night that seemed to strongly imply that Cody just walked away from the show after getting fed up and burned-out; the network never actually said that he quit. On the other hand, Cody clearly stated in an open letter that he was fired from the show by Discovery Channel for disagreements over safety issues. These two differing points-of-view were clearly not brought to the table and discussed by Discovery last night. And, since neither Joe nor Cody were interviewed for the episode last night (Discovery indicated that the two declined the opportunity), fans are basically just left to decide who they believe: Cody or Discovery.

Regardless, fans are not focusing on who is at fault in the squabble. They want Cody back. Just go to the "Dual Survival" Facebook page, or read any discussion on the Internet: The Cody supporters far outweigh any Discovery supporters. They want their favorite firestarter on the show, and whether or not they will even give replacement Matt Graham a chance remains to be seen. Will Discovery listen?

Stay tuned.

“Dual Survival” airs on Discovery Channel on Wednesday nights at 9/8c.

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