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Dual purpose pumpkins and winter squash

Varieties of winter squash
Varieties of winter squash
Marie Iannotti

Here are two great things the gardener can grow for long storing nutrition and wonderful holiday decor. Both pumpkins and winter squash are native to America and were used by the American Indians. They were among the foods found on the first Thanksgiving table. 

Pumpkins and winter squash can be seeded as late as June and early July in soils with a pH between 6.0 to 6.5. If spacing is limited, bush type plants can be used. Unlike summer squash, they are harvested after their outer skin has hardened.

During harvesting be careful not to break off the stems, this can lead to premature rotting. When stored below 50 degrees and depending on the cultivar, pumpkins and winter squash will store 2 to 6 months. What a great way to eat healthy and create beautiful decorations for the holidays.

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