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Dry Idea Launches New Stain Clear Advanced Formula

Dry Idea Stain Clear Advanced Formula in Invisible Solid
Courtesy of Dry Idea

We all have that one perfect Little Black Dress, which when slipped into, makes us feel beautiful in a multitude of ways. While a great LBD has the power to make you feel confident and sharp, pesky white marks and stains left by your deodorant can greatly hinder those feelings. From gels to solids and every formula in between, many deodorants promise stain fighting properties but often fall flat when put to the test. In a quest to find the ideal product, Dry Idea’s latest Stain Clear Advanced Dry deodorant is the only formula I've found that offers a perfect marriage of odor protection and stain fighting protection.

Formulated in solid, Dry Idea’s latest Stain Clear deodorant is the perfect product to pair with black and dark hued garments. Unlike traditional solids, Stain Clear is features a unique active ingredient which allows the use of less wax. This breakthrough technology causes the product to go on clear and provides powerful sweat and odor production for up to 72 hours.

If you desire a deodorant that packs a stronger punch, Dry Idea has you covered with their clinical option. This noteworthy deodorant is formulated with micro advanced technology which immediately goes to work the moment it is applied to skin. Offering the greatest wetness efficacy, Dry Idea’s Clinical option is an exceptional multifaceted product that protects and truly works.

When put to the test, Dry Idea held up with flying colors. After night’s spin in my little black dress and Dry Idea Stain Clear, the fabric under my arms went stain free and remained dry. Dare to wear your darkest LBD and see how Stain Clear continues to work without any white marks or stains.

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