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DrunkenStepfather brings edginess to celebrity sites

Jesus Martinez

Among the gluttony of celebrity gossip and news sites there is a site that draws a lot more traffic than many of the more popular sites and gets twice as much disdain from the mainstream media because of the brutal honesty and at times unfeeling and uncaring banter that makes DrunkenStepfather so appealing.

Jesus Martinez, the man behind the mask (more on that later) and the website that the stars love to hate and hate to love never dreamed this would be his calling in life but rather embraced the opportunity saying “life happens, you can’t really plan where you go, what will work and what won’t. I didn’t start ‘stepfather’ as a business, it just became its own thing and I decided for a sick reason to keep updating.” started “as a joke,” Martinez said. A friend of mine started a blog and as a joke I said I could be bigger than his site and with the week I had 10,000 hits a day. The original idea was social commentary, satire and exploring the underbelly of society.”

“It has evolved to be mainly rants on pop culture, models, celebrities, beauty and even fashion,” he added.

The evolution of DrunkenStepfather has seen its popularity skyrocket to one of the top 15,000 sites globally and in the top 5,000 in the United States. Even with the site continuing to grow and get noticed Martinez seems less than satisfied.

“The site has been around since 2004 which is forever in internet talk. We have broken a lot of celebrity sex tape stories, we have told lots of jokes and the site is updated Monday through Friday but I would rather be YouTube,” Martinez lamented.

Even with the popularity of the site and endorsements of some celebrities and adult movie stars and production companies Martinez says he “breaks even” disputing reports that his site pulls in upwards of $450,000 annually.

“A site of my size should probably be making around $1 million or more but that’s if you have all the movie, video game and booze companies paying you $10,000 a day to promote their latest movie. My site hasn’t got the mainstream advertisers yes so at the end of the year with server costs and everything we are barely breaking even. It is still better than working for someone else,” Martinez commented

Although celebrities are the primary focus of the site Martinez says DrunkenStepfather has a deeper meaning to its existence saying, “I focus on celebrities and models because these are what society use to represent us and beauty. I sometimes use them as a platform to push my own political agenda of the day or just talk about how overrated they are.”

“I do like to explore the porn industry, random weirdo people in their weirdo lives but it is not really cost effective to go to the Midwest and interview some dude who like collecting Barbie dolls. I am getting back into doing original content, photo shoots and video. It was something I did from 2005-2007 and I think it’s time to put my money where my mouth is and stop hating on crap others make, focus on the stuff I want to make. There is a lot of evolution to come…” Martinez said.

As a site covering so many celebrities Martinez has had run-ins with a number of A-List Hollywood types and at one time befriended often troubled star Lindsey Lohan who “used to text me all the time and invited me back to her hotel room once,” Martinez smiled as he talked.

Though Martinez remarks that he has a better site than Perez Hilton saying, “Perez Hilton doesn’t write his site, he has a staff. He cares about these people and being part of their world, I don’t.”

But when talking about Matt Drudge and “The Drudge Report” Martinez said, “Unlike Drudge I don’t think I’ve had my Lewinsky yet. That’s what really put him on the map apparently. I am still waiting for that to hit but I think my biggest fail was not exploiting Lindsey Lohan when I had the chance.”

“I had access, I didn’t take pictures or videos, hell I didn’t even write about it. I didn’t mention we were texting each other for six month. I do now because it is years later but I should have fully exploited that situation, it would have put me on the map. The fact is though, I would rather not exploit people to be put on the map, I’d rather be celebrated for the work I do even if that celebration is one that comes when I die,” Martinez said.

TMZ thought Martinez and DrunkenStepfather did indeed exploit the death of Paul Walker though and ended their relationship with the site because Martinez joked about his death.

“They (TMZ) posted his car burning and his last drive, the actual crash and yet I’m the bad guy for joking about it,” Martinez opined with a glint of anger in his voice.

Though morbid as it may be Martinez says one of his favorite stories to post on regard celebrity deaths stating matter of fact, “It may sound dark and insane but I think they (celebrity deaths) are hysterical. The world, for that day, becomes the biggest fan of the person (who dies). We did a live Michael Jackson blog on his funeral and it (hits) was a record. Someone I knew punched me in the face because of that and I thought seriously, they have that big of an emotional connection to someone they discounted as being a pedophile for 10 years prior?”

Martinez evokes emotion whether he wants to or not and though he has yet to be sued for any of the content on DrunkenStepfather he said he does get notices to take down content, mainly pictures, quite often.

“Notable lawyer letters were Vanessa Hudgens nude pictures scandal when her lawyers were saying she was 17 when they came out which was not true. Jake Gyllenhaal pushed a girl I was partying with after threatening me for saying something rude to him. His lawyers and the lawyers at Disney tried to get me to retract the statement which I didn’t do but I am a lover not a fighter,” Martinez stated.

With dozens of celebrities and adult performers in his contact list Martinez is seemingly unknown, rarely if ever seen without his trademark wrestling mask.

“The mask, the infamous mask was because I have received death threats from random fans of random celebs or just haters of the site over the years. You know, the weirdo dudes who have shrines and printouts of their favorite Dawson’s Creek star of whatever and sometimes jokes don’t come across as jokes on the internet.”

“Complex and Maxim magazine wanted to do a feature on me at the same time and it just seemed like the right strategy at the time. My name is Jesus Martinez and I play up the Mexican angle so it works and since I don’t take pictures of myself it just stayed for a long time. I figure the second your put your face out there it loses all the fun. An anonymous opinion engages though while my face next to an opinion would just make me a target and instead of people reading what I write they would discount it and focus on my double chin or something,” Martinez said with a smirk.

As Martinez strives to get more original content on DrunkenStepfather, “I want to work with more and more talented people and I really want to give a different perspective or voice to what’s going on and I want to do it my way,” he knows he needs both fans and the haters to make the site flourish.

“I need fans and haters to fuel the fire inside me so I thank them for being there even if I think the haters would be less haters than fans if they had some level of intelligence and understood my point. I have haters but only because I created them, without me there would be no haters which means they are all part of my master plan and are helping the cause,” Martinez said.

“I like to think I have no fans but if I do we should have a party so email me with your availability and that of your wife.”

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