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Drunken stupors still work for Rob Ford while Trudeau still recovers from fbomb

Justin Trudeau
Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

There are a few public speaking don'ts that don't even need to be taught if you ever expect to stand in front of a podium before 1 or more people. Don't be drunk. Don't drop f-bombs. And don't be lewd about your wife when you are addressing your Council, your City, and the world.

While these matters would be common sense to most of us, they seem to be irrelevant in the real world. Two of Canada's most trending politicians are guilty of just these very things, and yet still seem to be winning the hearts of Canadians. Or are they?

In the case of Ford Nation, public opinion seems to suggest that, "as disgusted as we may be by your personal affairs, we might still vote you in." The CBC recently reported that political observers of the joke that has become Rob Ford believe that his year "blighted by scandal" may actually get him re-elected.

There's Canada for you, they will forgive anybody.

And the political observers may not be too far off. The most recent polling on the scandal blighted mayor shows him trailing behind Chow by just 6 points. There were many times when Mitt Romney had a deeper trail behind Obama in the 2012 Presidential Election and thought he had it in the bag.

But Canada does not appear to be so forgiving when it comes to the run for the most powerful office in the country. Justin Trudeau is learning the hard way that being a Prime Minister's kid in the running does not give you the by when it comes to dropping f-bombs.

At a boxing match in Gatineau,Quebec on March 29, Trudeau stepped into the ring upon invitation in his efforts to inspire would be boxers in their pursuit of excellence. "I'm going to tell you, there is no experience like stepping into this ring and measuring yourself….your name, your future, your intelligence, your beauty, none of that –ing matters."

Naturally, he suffered some public consequences for his "mybad", more so than his trending colleague Rob Ford has for far worse public mistakes. That may be because while Canada has come to expect this kind of behavior from a PM's kid, and the Toronto Mayor, they prefer not to see it in their future Prime Minister.

But Trudeau was quick to advise Canada that he is not to be harped on this issue again, as his wife reportedly gave him a good 'talking to' according to the National Post.

Some Canadians on Google+ following the story suggested that the reason they are so forgiving of Ford Nation mishaps is because even during all of his crises he still seems to be good at his job. Can Justin Trudeau say the same?

Ronald Kershaw on Google+ says, "True; I would vote for Mr Ford, when a character like Boy Trudeau is a real threat, voting for Ford is indeed a statement about the system."

But don't worry, Canada. Mr. Trudeau's wife gave him a good talking to, and he might never do that again.

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