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Drunk woman bit flight attendant: Woman's flight rampage brings consequences

A drunk woman bit a flight attendant on an Air New Zealand flight
A drunk woman bit a flight attendant on an Air New Zealand flight
Photo credit: JazzNZ via Wikimedia Commons

Tara Anne MacKay was in court this week facing charges related to the woman's flight rampage last summer. The allegedly drunk woman bit a flight attendant during an international flight, and now she has accepted responsibility for her actions. Yahoo! Travel New Zealand shared the details on Jan. 29.

Not only did MacKay, also known as Tara Anne Laidler, bite a flight attendant, she is said to have kicked a male attendant in the testicles. shared that the woman's flight rampage occurred after she started to yell and swear, along with spilling her drink. She scared a passenger, who then called over flight attendants.

When the crew members asked her to go to the back of the plane to talk with them, she threw her drink in one attendant's face and locked herself in the bathroom. She was physically removed eventually, and she was then put in handcuffs. That's when the drunk woman bit the flight attendant multiple times. The flight attendant who was bitten, Susan Lawson-Hurst, had bruises and a suspected hairline fracture.

The woman's flight rampage led to a sentence of 300 hours of community service, drug and alcohol counseling, and 12 months of supervision. The woman, 28, admitted she assaulted Lawson-Hurst, but she says she would have calmed down if they had left her alone. She did admit, however, that she had indeed had too much to drink.