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Drunk mom didn't let kids in wet swimsuits in her car: Girl riding on top killed

Kisha Young, a 38-year-old mother from Texas, took a ride back from a community pool with six children. But the kids weren’t riding in her car – this drunken mother was more concerned about the upholstery in her Chevy Malibu than the safety of her passengers, and made all six kids sit on the trunk and hood of her car in their wet bathing suits.

It was only a one-minute ride from the pool back to their house, but four of the six children tumbled off when Young took a turn too fast. Twelve-year-old Octavia Watkins, whose own mother was riding in the passenger seat of the car, sustained severe head trauma and later died.

Kisha Young refused to allow Watkins’ playmates entry to her car, and the quick trip from the Creekside Community Pool to a Tarrant County home in Crowley, Texas back on June 17 ended in tragedy. Police said Young and Watkins didn’t even know most of the kids were flung off. It took witnesses flagging them down to let them know that four kids were lying in the street a few blocks back.

Watkins, who had to be airlifted to the hospital, was recently removed from life support, Crowley police reported. The children were all between the ages of eight and 14. The other three children who fell off were treated at the hospital and released.

Young was arrested and booked under felony charges. Police said Watkins’ mother may also face charges, since she too was responsible for the children in her care. The Texas’ Child Protective Services is now involved, and the children belonging to both women have reportedly been removed from their custody while the investigation is ongoing.

“The adults involved are responsible for the children, and whatever happens to them while they are in their care,” said Crowley police officer CC Meadows. “Of course we don't know what they were thinking. However, they weren't thinking safety.”

Witness Albert Garcia was one of the first to respond to the scene.

[Watkins] was totally unconscious the whole time, so that was my main concern,” he said. “I know the mom didn’t do this on purpose. She was trying to have fun. But she needed to think this through a little bit more.”

Albert’s daughter Demi Garcia watched the children tumble off from her front yard.

“Then the mom started backing up after my dad ran over there to the kids. Cause they were trying to lift up the little girl,” she said.

Neighbors were outraged that Young would place the kids in such obvious harm.

“Anybody, they can’t be in their right mind to do that with their own kids,” said Geneva Carpenter, who lives on the Angler Drive where the accident occurred. “Who in their right mind thinks a little kid can hang on to a hood? You can’t hang onto a hood!”

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