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Drunk man arrested for DUI and animal cruelty after "dog drove him to the store"

Don't cook your dog!
Facebook No Dogs In Hot Cars

A Georgia man is in trouble after police responded to a dog locked in car call on Wednesday. Fox Carolina reported the story July 3.

Wesley Mark Terrell, 60, of Creekshore Drive, was arrested and charged with animal cruelty and driving under the influence after telling Oconee County Sheriff's deputies his dog had driven him to the store. The Facebook page for OCSO posted

"Earlier this evening Sgt. Partain responded to a call of a dog locked in a car at the Bell's at Butlers Crossing. The outside temperature was 99 degrees, and the internal temperature of the car as measured with a handheld thermometer was 123 degrees. There was also a can of gasoline inside the vehicle, and Sgt. Partain described the smell as stifling."

Terrell, who appeared highly intoxicated, told the officer his dog had driven him to the store to buy some corn.

The Facebook page for Oconee County Sheriff's Office is seeing a lot of action over this. Many are kidding around about dogs being allowed to drive.

On the serious side, the OCSO is also being praised for taking matters in their own hands instead of waiting on Animal Control and saving this dog from a potentially fatal situation.

These handheld devices used to measure internal temperature of a vehicle show just how deadly the temperature can reach inside a vehicle in only a matter of minutes.

There have been a number of people wanting to adopt this dog, who was taken by Oconee County Animal Control after it was rescued.

Many dogs will die this summer, thanks to owner's who should have known better and left their pet at home.

Please be sure your dog is safe in the summer heat, which may reach over 100 degrees with the heat index in many areas.

This Facebook page offers a lot of insight into dogs left in hot cars. Remember, if your dog is reported as being in a locked car, you may not only lose your dog, you may be charged with animal cruelty.

A photo of the man with a dog chauffeur can be found on the Fox Carolina link. The Oconee County Sheriff's Office has a strict police on using images, and therefore couldn't be posted.

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