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Drunk driving Indiana cop kills man and injures pregnant woman

The Sperry's on their wedding day, and the scene of the tragic accident.

Edgewood, Indiana Police Officer James Foutch, 41, rear ended a vehicle at a high rate of speed while intoxicated on both alcohol and prescription drugs, killing Jesse Sperry, 23, an injuring his pregnant wife Rebecca Sperry, 22, sending her to the hospital in critical condition.

According to police reports on April 6 Foutch was driving a 2004 Yukon SUV when he crashed into the back of the Sperry's 1996 Buick Century, driven by Rebecca Sperry. The impact of the crash, which occurred at approximately 12:30 p.m., forced Sperry's vehicle off the road, wrapping the vehicle around a telephone poll. Jesse Sperry was officially pronounced dead at 1:30 p.m. by the Madison County Coroner.

Due to the violent nature of the accident, which snapped the telephone poll into pieces dropping live power lines on the young couple's vehicle, investigators estimate Foutch to have been traveling at a speed of 92-miles-an-hour.

Rebecca Sperry, who was nine-months-pregnant, was rushed to an Indianapolis hospital where an emergency C-section was performed. The life of Sperry's newborn child, Autumn, was saved but the child's condition is listed as critical and doctors are unable to speak to the child's long term prognosis. Ironically the Sperry's were planning to have Autumn delivered via C-section later on in the evening before the accident occurred.

Foutch, a 12-year-veteran of the Edgewood Police Department, was not harmed in the crash but his passenger was taken to the hospital to be treated for superficial injuries. Foutch was arrested on the scene and booked into the Madison County Detention Center and held on a $20,000 bond. He has since posted bail and was released.

No charges have been officially filed against Foutch, as investigators have suspended charging the disgraced officer for 72-hours to gather further evidence. If and when Foutch is charged he will likely face a Class B felony of driving while intoxicated causing death. If convicted Foutch will face a sentence of two to twenty years in prison. After the accident Foutch was immediately suspended from his law enforcement duties, but it has not yet been decided if his suspension will be with or without pay.

A fund to help subsidize the cost of medical bills has been set and those interested may donate by clicking here.

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