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Drunk Driver goes all out General Lee Style at toll booth in DFW -- Viral VIDEO #cars

General Lee, Batmobile, KITT, Ghostbuster's Ectomobile, the A-Team Van and Hardcastle & McCormick's
Highly Collectible and Unique Cars: General Lee, Batmobile, KITT, Ghostbuster's Ectomobile, the A-Team Van and Hardcastle & McCormick's Coyote.
Exotic Car Examiner via @cafecars / Italianizzato Club / Collectible Cars Photo credit:

Viral Video!

Drunk Driver pulls a General Lee move at Dallas Fort Worth Toll Booth --

Wow. Watch this short movie clip and then share it with your friends and family on Twitter and facebook.

This drunk driver takes my breath away -- and their stunt man General Lee "YeeHaw" type antics got caught on the Dallas Forth Worth toll booth camera.

If you are going to run a toll booth, I'm absolutely certain there are better ways to do it -- although I'll admit... none of them will be quite as spectacular as this clip.

Oh -- and for the record: the cars used to film the stunts for the television show Dukes of Hazard never really made it through all those high flying car antics.

There were multiple bodies used, and the duplicates were substituted one for another after various jumps bent frames in half.

If you are interested in jumping your car, please do not try it with any stock model vehicle -- and for god sakes, have people there who are trained and qualified to assist should there be an accident.

Stunts with cars on the road or track should be reserved for movie and television appearances and not part of playing in traffic on an everyday basis.

We have all accelerated coming into a dip to feel that little woohoo feeling in the pit of our stomach -- something that is fun but still can mess up your car's frame and suspension if you are driving a sports car or exotic car with low clearance.

Many of us have also crested a hill pretty quick looking for the thrill of speed and hoping to feel that airborne sensation.

However, those of us who are smart (and still alive and uninjured) know that even that move is like playing Russian Roulette -- because when you come up a hill you have no idea what is waiting on the other side of it.

It might be an accident, road hazard, stopped traffic, and animal like a dog or deer crossing the road, or a police officer with a radar detector that can put an end to the speedy fun quick.

At any rate, thanks to the friends of @cafecars and @greenexoticcar on Twitter for sharing this drunk driver video with the hashtag #cars.

It was definitely worth a click -- and even pressing play a few times to re-watch it.


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  • sean 5 years ago

    drunk at 6 am? sounds like a awesome night

  • B-ry 5 years ago

    Been there done it

  • choco milk (Large) 5 years ago

    GM sucks

  • swiss cheese/peanut combo 5 years ago

    Corvette blows nuts

  • grilled chicken sandwiches 5 years ago

    Drunk driving is not funny in any context

  • morning shake (no carbs) 5 years ago


  • Mike 5 years ago

    What does this have to do with Exotic Cars?

  • blueeyes 5 years ago

    she says someone rear ended her....yea right!!

  • Dave 5 years ago

    Does anybody have any information about the picture with the 6 "Highly Collectible Unique Cars" at the top of the article?? I would love to order an actual print/poster of that picture! Please let me know where I can find a larger version, or even how to obtain a legitimate copy!

  • Kae Davis, Exotic Car Examiner 5 years ago

    8 x 10 Full Color Print with the General Lee, Batmobile, KITT, Ghostbuster's Ectomobile, the A-Team Van and Hardcastle & McCormick's Coyote. BARRIS.COM PRICE: $10.00... visit to order. They are nice, nice people.

  • Analimous 4 years ago

    OUCH !!!

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