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Drunk Delta flight attendant lands in the slammer gets out on bond

Just when you thought you heard it all comes this bizarre piece of airline news. AOL just reported the story about a drunk (and sick) Delta flight attendant (perhaps we should go back calling them 'stews') who tried to board a plane at Bluegrass Airport in Kentucky and ended up in the slammer. As a frequent flyer, the Diva must admit she's never witness inebriated flight crews but did once catch attendants snorting cocaine on a foreign carrier once (and that was pretty scary).

Drinking a Mai Tai on a Delta flight to Maui
Patti Pietschmann

The AOL Jobs story says that, “Attendant Nancy Bray, 58, was scheduled to fly Delta Connection Flight 6095 to Detroit, operated by Chautauqua Airlines.” According to a video on WLEX news in Lexington, the airline called for medical assistance and an officer determined Bray was intoxicated. Consequently said WLEX, Bray was charged as an aircrew member under the influence and possession of a controlled substance not in its container, but pleaded not guilty to the charges on Wednesday and was released on bond..

The legal limit for any commercial flight crew member is 0.04% BAC. The rule is that crew members are not allowed to drink alcohol within eight hours of a flight.

Delta released this statement after Bray's arrest (which was also published on the AOL website):

"Delta is aware of reports of the arrest of a Chautauqua Airlines flight attendant for alleged public intoxication prior to the departure of Delta Connection flight 6095 from Lexington to Detroit late Tuesday afternoon. Delta will support any investigation by law enforcement in concert with Republic Airways Holdings, parent company of Chautauqua. Delta expects consummate professionalism from all parties who are entrusted with the care of transport of our customers, no matter which carrier may be operating their flight."

According to AOL Jobs, under the influence is not necessarily grounds for losing one's job. ,

For more bad news for Delta, see video.

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