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Drugstore Finds #1: Fix your makeup mistakes the easy way with this well-kept secret

Andrea Eye Q's Eye Make-up Correctors
Andrea Eye Q's Eye Make-up Correctors

This is the first in a series of fabulous drugstore finds.

Previous articles have mentioned several easy ways for you to incorporate affordable drugstore items into your beauty routine. This article is no exception due to an exciting new find.

Hidden in the nail aisle, behind the files and polish remover, you will find your new best friend:

Andrea Eye Q's Make-Up Correctors Sticks. So what are these and what's so special about them?

They are 100% cotton swabs that are pre-moistened with eye makeup remover that is oil-free and fragrance-free. The cleanser is ultra gentle and non-stinging. What makes these little swabs so great is that they are pointed at the tip, angled in such a way that if you goof up with your mascara, eyeliner or eyeshadow, it is super easy for you to dab and fix. Perfection! Plus they are safe for contact lens wearers.

Available in the OC at Rite-Aid, Longs, and CVS or online at for $3.99 for fifty swabs.

While you're perusing those drugstore shelves, take a look at another hot pick: Covergirl's Outlast Lipstains. Teasing Blush #415 is a beautiful pinky-rose that imparts a gorgeous "you only more colorful" natural color to your lips that stays on all day. This lipstain smells nice, is not drying (it contains conditioners), and wears really well. You can even use it in place of a lip pencil or as your lip base. The colorants are water-based, so the stain doesn't feel heavy on your lips at all. Retail: $7.49, at drugstores nationwide.

(Outlast Lipstain Plump Out is the next product in the line.)

Read some reviews here on and decide for yourself.

So stay tuned for the next article in this drugstore series; your next great find might just be an aisle away

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  • leslie 5 years ago

    i love outlast lip stain! i put lip balm over it and am good to go for many hours, and when i kiss my son it doesn't get yucky color all over him! great product! my new favorite lip balm from the drug store is made by "yes to carrots" and we find it in walgreens here in colorado - not sure which chains carry it in california. but it's all natural, no parabens, etc., and i've used both the berry and citrus flavors. my girlfriends like their shampoo, conditioner, and hand/body lotion too!