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Iowa on Drugs

Drug Addict
Drug Addict

According to the Transformations Treatment Center, drug use is on the incline in the state of Iowa. A police report from 2001 revealed 61.9% of convictions in Iowa were linked to drug use. Heroin, second to cocaine, is the most used drug as it can be found in many outlets throught the state of Iowa.

The Department of Public Safety, Division of Narcotics Enforcement, reported that meth abuse has declined as it was at it's highest in 2004 with a reported 125 meth lab incidents per month. Although less meth labs have been busted, Broadlawns Medical Center reported that more people were admitted for abuse of methamphetamines than for alcoholism.

According to the National Substance Abuse Index for the state of Iowa, the average age for the highest accounts for alcohol and drug abuse is between the ages of 21-25.

Not only are illegal drugs abused, but also legal prescription drugs. Most often, these are painkillers and are likley combined with alcohol. Prescription drugs are just as addicting and have severe side affects.

As for finding help, there are several treatments centers available in the state of Iowa. Fifteen drug treatement centers are available within twenty five miles of Des Moines.

Drug treatment centers are not the only option for success in conquering drug addiction. Here are some alternatives in addition to drug treatment centers:

  • Acupuncture can be used to reduce the symptoms of withdrawal and detoxification.
  • Herbs can also assist the body with properly detoxifiying and the side affects that are associated with withdrawal.
  • Meditation can be another powerful way to quiet your mind and promote relaxation while helping cope with stress.
  • Proper nutrition is also key to detoxifying your body and giving it the proper nutrients it needs. Healthy eating has been known to balance our moods and strengthen our immune system.
  • Exercise is crucial to anyone in recovery as it boosts your serotonin levels enhancing your mood and relieving stress, helping you sleep better at night, and helps your body and mind feel more connected.


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