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DRUG USE IS NOT FUN:Don't Turn Your Back On Your Future


Drug Abuse Is Not Fun
Recently, I saw on a news entertainment show that there are more people today that die of drug overdoses than that die in motor vehicle accidents. I should not have been surprised but I really was. It is so bad that there is talk of providing a drug to have on hand should someone overdose – sort of like a defibrillator is a lifesaving device for someone whose heart stops.
I wonder had this drug been on hand could it have saved celebrities lives such as Michael Jackson, Keith ledger, Amy Winehouse, Britney Murphy, Phillip Seymour, Cory Montieth etc.
The effects of drugs affect so many people’s lives either directly or indirectly. I cried and grieved Michael Jackson’s death for such a long time. Also I know of a few family members who have unwittingly allowed drugs/alcohol to incarcerate them or to cause them to make wrong decisions. I cannot even begin to tell you how many associates my children and I know of that have been killed over drugs or because of drugs. Drugs ruin whole families’ lives and unfortunately because of the recession, I believe that selling drugs or using drugs to cope go hand and hand with today’s economy.
It is also a remedy for loneliness in this day and age of social media – face booking and twitter do not really allow for interface interactions. People, especially today, must stay put and maintain employment knowing how hard it maybe to find another and this may often mean not being around family and friends or perhaps “sucking it up”, when it comes to complaining about their work environment. People escape through drugs and alcohol. A remedy for what ails them - the economy and deteriorating families.
How can people possibly know that one day seeking escape would lead to many days of imprisonment? Seeking drug treatment, I suspect, is not cheap especially when many relapse in their treatment. It is a very hard habit to break.
Still politicians and voters are looking into passing laws that will legalize marijuana. I do not know if this is a gateway drug nor do I know whether or not legalizing this drug will lessen the crime rate, “free up” the penitentiaries, or help the economy. I suppose it is something for the taxpayers to consider.
Ultimately, we as a society will have to admit to ourselves that we have a problem of epidemic proportions. Our “war on drugs” has not succeeded but only has changed to include legal drugs and even items that we would never even consider putting into our bodies. Many teens and younger ones are daring their peers to inhale these substances; them not knowing that they might not live another day to “tell the tale”. They probably believe that since it is so easy to procure what they are inhaling (underneath their own kitchen/sink cabinets); it is probably not so bad – certainly not illegal. Over the counter drugs borrowed from family can be just as dangerous, if not more than the illegal drugs ..Nowadays the public can just order medicine via the internet and do not really know what they are really getting. It may be cheaper.

Still aren’t we a generation of coffee shops, cigarette breaks and binge drinking (on the weekends and sometimes more)? Nowadays we even have energy drinks full of caffeine and protein body building drinks that push us over the edge. Yet we do not consider caffeine, cigarettes or alcohol to really be drugs. Yes in today’s society, drugs illegal, legal or social are commonplace. I consider myself to be “addicted” to soft drinks but I am slowly weaning myself off. Can you imagine how hard it must be to wean off the other kinds of drugs? Drug abuse is not fun – no not for anyone.

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