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Drug testing and basic statistics


  • Kamrom 5 years ago

    Monsterous. Drug laws, sex-offender laws, and on and on and on. We dont need conspiracy theorists in the US..The policies that are enforced are just as bad as any plot dreamed up by the mentally ill. law enforcement is a joke. This is a country where you can be arrested and tried and jailed for recording a police officer who uses unnecessary force. This is a country where police can kill an innocent victim, claim they thought he was armed, and get away with what would send a normal person to prison for life.

    America is dead. Long Live america.

  • Profile picture of Dan Feidt
    Dan Feidt 5 years ago

    What's funny/sad even more, is how much drug money goes through the banking system. Every authoritarian DrugTesting Enthusiast gets squirrelly and wants to run away when this angle enters the picture - bet on it.

  • George Arndt 5 years ago

    I wonder how many of the politicians behind these policies claim to believe in "freedom"?

  • Profile picture of Walter the Great
    Walter the Great 5 years ago

    I think the war on drugs will only get worse. The mood of the country is taking a giant swing to the right. To make matters worse many associate drugs with undocumented immigrants. I even knew people who would like the death penalty for even casual users. They are a minority, but still. Even drug users are often in favor of the war on drugs. I think this is a culture that enjoys punishment for punishment sake. Maybe it has to do with America’s puritanical roots. The worse damage is on Latin American countries. Mexico alone has already lost 28,000 people on the war on drugs. If we count Colombia and Bolivia the number might be well over a 100,000 and that is just the casualties, we are not counting the economic stagnation and social turmoil the war on drug has created. The war on drugs is evil and immoral. Future generations will think of us as we think of the Nazis and ask “what did we do to stop it?”

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