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Drug test all on welfare

The Indiana State House needs to stand its ground regarding the drug testing of all potential welfare recipients. The watered down version approved by the State Senate is simply too weak.

Either version of the bill (HB 1351) must still answer questions pertaining to its Constitutionality as per the Fourth Amendment and unreasonable/reasonable search and seizure. The crux is the word reasonable.

Welfare is not mandatory; and while it is deemed reasonable for potential employees to pass a drug test prior to commencing a new job, it is thusly equally reasonable for potential welfare recipients to pass the same drug test. After all, it is the taxes paid by the drug tested employee that fund the welfare of the unemployed.

There are concerns about the children of the drug tested welfare applicants whose benefits are denied. According to The Indianapolis Star article of March 5, 2014, “Senate OK’s drug testing for some on welfare,” children “would continue to receive benefits through a trustee.” That idea is very reasonable as drug users are rightfully punished without taking food out of the mouths of children.

Bottom line, if those paying the taxes are held accountable, so too should the recipients of those very tax dollars.

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