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Drug Reform May Be Key To 2014 Elections

Drug Reform May Be Key To 2014 Elections

Medical Marijuana has become the topic of most conversations. It is not the hush hush topic as in the past. In the state of Florida, Attorney John Morgan used much of his own money to get the measure to legalize medical marijuana on the 2014 ballot. I applaud my former school mate for this initiative and it was not done because he is a drug user. It was done because of his father who had cancer and battled chemotherapy. More and more ordinary citizens of the United States are dealing with glaucoma, cancer, etc and medical marijuana is an alternative to pain killers.

As Colorado and Washington have done by legalizing small amounts, so too are other states looking into the issue. This will become a major issue in the months to come.

What's funny though is the World is watching what we do with these new ideas. For years, we have been the country leading the charge on arresting, prosecuting, and throwing away the key to those who get caught with pot. Many are looking at their own laws and considering taking steps to legalize or at least decriminalize marijuana. Countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Guatemala, Jamaica, Mexico, Morocco, and others are thinking of new ways to deal with the issue. If you look at the countries listed some are the leading exporters of the drug. Morocco is the primary country importing Hashish for the European continent. Guatemala is one of the top cocaine transporters and was on the floor of the U.N. and said the drug war is a failed strategy.

President Barack Obama stated just a few weeks ago that marijuana is less harmful than alcohol.

Many Americans will be soul searching their beliefs as to allow medical marijuana and some will be looking at legalizing it completely. It is up to the individual to make his or her mind up concerning this issue but mark my word big money is getting in on the ground floor and there will be a big change coming this November. I for one will vote yes in the state of Florida. You see like my old friend John Morgan I too lost a parent to cancer and I know her quality of life would have been better had it been legal.