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Drug lord 'El Chapo' apprehended, NAFTA in turmoil

In biggest bust since Anna Nicole Smith 'El Chapo' hauled in by Feds
In biggest bust since Anna Nicole Smith 'El Chapo' hauled in by Feds

Mexico's most wanted cocaine kingpin Joaquin Guzman, AKA ‘Shorty’, ‘El Chapo’, ‘short snort’, the littlest outlaw’, the ‘tiny terror’ and the Frito Bandito, has been captured by U.S. and Mexican law enforcement officials.

Upon capture he snarled, “First I lose my marijuana market in Colorado and now this.”

He is the highest profile drug cartel leader arrested in almost a decade of violence.

Joaquin Guzman's legend grew after the drug lord broke out of a Mexican maximum-security prison in a laundry cart 13 years ago.

Since then laundry carts used in Mexican prisons have been updated with the newest anti pilfering devices including a ‘locking wheel’ if pushed beyond barbed wire enclosures.

El Chapo built a criminal empire that stretched along Mexico's Pacific coast and supplied a huge criminal element in the United States.

As a result many US street level dealers will be out of a job and ‘on the street’ when their current ‘supply’ runs out.

“This will impact unemployment in the US and we may see a rise in that statistic” said a spokesperson for the Department of Labor.

In a press release the Labor Dept. noted “Although these people have a large constituency, it would be difficult to switch and deal hot dogs unless they spike the mustard with amphetamines or something.”

‘El Chapo’ is believed to be related to the notorious Mexican bandit ‘El Guapo’ who terrorized Steve Martin, Chevy Chase and Martin Short in the movie ‘Three Amigos’.

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