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Drug Czar required to oppose legalization of drugs, no matter what

Did you know that under the law, the drug czar (he's not really called that officially) is required and obligated by law to oppose all attempts to legalize any current illegal drug.

In other words, no matter what the evidence shows for the benefits of marijuana medically in treating cancer, other ailments or let alone the pain that go along with them, he must oppose its' legalization.

In fact, he must ensure that no federal funds are used for a study relating to the legalization of a drug, currently illegal.

Yes, it's hard to believe that our Congress at one time had passed such a law, but they did.

This isn't too shocking. Drug war abuses abound. A Houston man gives money to a homeless man, drives off and is pulled over by cops because they think he gave the homeless man, drugs.

They search his car for an hour. Cops laugh it off afterwards, that they humiliate the man in the process is just a part of their day, I guess.

Police of course violate civil rights even when it doesn't come to drugs, such as arresting a man in Frisco, Texas for warning about a speed trap and arresting him for having a commercial sign on a non-private property. Of course such an arrest is for contempt of cop, because a warning of police ahead isn't commercial speech, even though such a law is probably unconstitutional anyway.

Of course there are organizations willing to fight against these abuses, such as the American Civil Liberties Union along with DRCnet. If you believe in these causes like me, I urge you to think about becoming members of them. Thanks.