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Drug bust suspect impersonated Stone Temple Pilots’ Scott Wieland while jailed

Police in Beverly Hills, California, arrested a man for shoplifting at a Rite Aid in Beverly Hills on July 26. That shoplifter identified himself to the cops as Scott Weiland, perhaps best known as the former frontman and singer for The Stone Temple Pilots. The man, who turned out not to be Weiland, was jailed and charged with “Burglary and Possession of a Controlled Substance,” according to an Aug. 22 report from CBS News.

Scott Weiland
Scott Weiland
Scott Weiland/Facebook
Cops in Beverly Hills issued a press release saying that ‘The suspect, former Stone Temple Pilots band member Scott Weiland was taken into custody..."  Wrong.
Scott Wieland/Facebook

The controlled substance turned out to be methamphetamines, which the cops found on their suspect following his arrest. TMZ broke the news of the arrest of the man who police still believed to be Weiland, saying that Weiland had been in jail for about a month on burglary and drug charges.

Wieland set the record straight himself, who from a recording studio with his new band The Wildabouts, produced a video which he posted to his Facebook page saying that he was alive and well and not in jail and that someone was obviously impersonating him. In the video, Wieland announced that TMZ would be hearing from his attorney, and also stated:

"I just got done reading something interesting: a nice piece of fiction from TMZ saying that I was in jail and had been for four months."

"I've actually been touring, writing and recording my new album."

TMZ has a pretty good defense though. Although they did report that Wieland had been jailed for stealing razor blades from that Rite Aid and then also busted for meth possession, the celebrity news website went on to say that they received all their info directly from the Beverly Hills Police Department in the form of a “written statement, titled ‘Celebrity Arrest,’ which read, ‘The suspect, former Stone Temple Pilots band member Scott Wieland (46 years of age), was taken into custody...’"

Although TMZ never exactly apologized to Wieland for any inconvenience, the Beverly Hills Police Department came out to say that they indeed made a big mistake in identifying their suspect. The cops eventually arrived at the man’s true identity “through belated FBI fingerprint analysis, even though he's been locked up since July 26.”

Weiland’s impersonator, now identified as Jason Michael Hurley, 44, has been in the L.A. County Jail since his arrest date, unable to post his $95,000 bail. You can check out Weiland’s upcoming tour dates with The Wildabouts here.

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