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Drug and Alcohol Addiction-Is it a sin or a disease?

You Can't Afford a DUI
You Can't Afford a DUI
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There is a little known fact that many Christians have problems with alcohol and drug addictions. How should the Church deal with these factors? Historically, Christians have frown upon people who drink alcoholic beverages, abused drugs and/or smoked cigarettes.
Though some ministries have testimonies of members being supernaturally delivered from substance abuse, most church leaders are not equipped to provide the kind of support that leads to long-term sobriety.
Even the traditional 12 Step Program model, which is based on Biblical principles, is not adequate enough to truly set the captives free from the bondage of addiction by itself. Families of addicts have been perplexed for years on how to deal with this ever growing disease. In recent years, an advanced form of treatment called Dual Diagnosis has had great success in treating people with alcohol and drug problems.
Dual Diagnosis treatment is twofold. It treats the patient for the physical addiction as well as the underlying psychological issues associated with the addiction. In other words, there are some deeply rooted issues that provoke people who suffer from addictions to self medicate themselves with drugs or alcohol. Thank God there are now some Christian-based treatment centers that have integrated the Dual Diagnosis model with the 12 Step Program and are having great success.
There is no doubt that prayer is the primary tool God has given His people to take control of circumstances in their life. Our Creator has also provided us with knowledge so we can utilize it to help save lives. Christian organizations and/or churches who are in need of resources to help their members get the best Christian-Based, addiction treatment available can click on this link
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