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Drudge tick-off: '1,000 days until Obama leaves' report

Barack Obama versus Matt Drudge
Barack Obama versus Matt Drudge
Getty Images: L) Oliver Doulier R)Evan Agostina

In a splash banner the Drudge Report announced on Friday, "1,000 days" with an image of Obama waving good-bye. The headline linked to a count-down clock showing the "Time left until Obama leaves office" on the date of January 20, 2017. For those who are ticking off the time, that clock is showing 1,000 days, 13 hours, and three minutes at the time of the publication of this article.

Conservatives are eying "retiring Harry Reid," as the golden key to putting Obama's agenda in the ditch for the president's last 1,000 days. To stifle, if not prevent, future Obama progress in what will remain of his time as president, Republicans are going all out to hold their majority in the House and win control of the Senate in the midterm 2014 elections. Texas Senator Ted Cruz was quoted saying that not only did he think the GOP was going to win control of the Senate, he also was confident that they would "retire Harry Reid."

However, Harry Reid and the Democrats are planning to give the GOP a run with their money. Recent Drudge Report headlines has included a link to a Real Clear Politics (RCP) two-part in depth analysis on Harry Reid, his substantial power as well as the source of his immense wealth. The second part of the Harry Reid story is due to be published Friday.

The first installment of the RCP article defines Harry Reid as not only the "most powerful lawmaker" in the Senate for the past ten years but , "indisputably the most powerful politician in Nevada -- Democratic or Republican." As a counterattack on the GOP, Reid is reported to be going after a source of Republican election funding, the Koch brothers.

Today the GOP is reported to have filed an ethics complaint against Reid for his attacks against the billionaire Koch brothers. The specific complaint is that Reid is using his taxpayer-funded website as well as his Twitter account to make partisan attacks, including pure election spin, on Charles and David Koch. Republican chairman, Roger Villere, claims Reid is in violation of Senate rules prohibiting the use of official resources for the purpose of campaigns.

Fighting the Obama agenda on many fronts, the GOP drive to bring down Reid is so strong that the Wall Street Journal has indicated that "getting Harry Reid" has has shifted the GOP from their focus on Obama's signature legislation, widely known as ObamaCare. According to WSJ, "Democratic strategists portray the new focus on Reid as a tacit acknowledgment that the GOP can't win by making the midterm elections entirely about the health law."

Obama's vow to legislate by "pen and phone' if he can't get Congress to act may be a thorn the GOP will never be able to extract unless they do win midterm elections. The Drudge Report is now featuring an article that declares that the key to many of Obama's pet projects, Attorney General Eric Holder, isn't planning to vacate his position until after the elections.

Following the Drudge link, the article pointed out that Holder's support has been vital to the progress of the president's agenda, in particularly, "civil rights, voting rights, and most recently, reducing sentencing for low-level drug offenders." Republicans might add spying on American citizens, gun-running, the IRS scandal, Benghazi, Obamacare and just generally ignoring the Constitution to advance his immigration agenda to reasons to"Stop Obama."

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