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Drudge schools Ronan Farrow in 'Journalism 101'

Drudge Report news mogul Matt Drudge proved once again that the power of Drudge's keyboard shouldn't be underestimated. Wednesday, Drudge schooled freshly minted news anchor, Ronan Farrow, in journalism on Twitter. Drudge wrote, "Journalism 101: 'Any press who asks Farrow about off-message topics will be escorted out.'"

Drudge schools Ronan Farrow in 'Journalism 101' as MSNBC banks on his new show "Ronan Daily'
Drudge schools Ronan Farrow in 'Journalism 101' as MSNBC banks on his new show "Ronan Daily'
Photo by Eugene Gologursky
Matt Drudge schools Ronan Farrow in Journalism 101
Getty Images: L)Evan Agostini R)Eugene Gologursky

According to a Los Angeles Times Thursday report, Drudge's message to Ronan and MSNBC was received. MSNBC and Ronan quickly issued statements to the effect that Ronan had never and would never put restrictions on reporters about what kind of questions they might ask, though Ronan quipped he didn't promise to answer all questions. The restrictions, they claim, did not come from the network nor from Farrow.

However, Drudge was reacting to a report of a memo distributed to the press attending a "Reach the World" event at which Farrow, son of Mia Farrow and Wooden Allen, received the Walter Cronkite Award. Reporters were asked to read and sign the memo, which stated in part:

The theme of the evening is global education and service. All press are required to stay strictly on message. Any press who ask guests or Farrow about off-message topics will be immediately escorted out of the event.

According to a Washington Times article linked on Drudge Report, it was the "Reach the World" organization which was trying to avoid questions from reporters to Ronan regarding a controversy involving Woody Allen, accused by adopted daughter, Dylan, of sexual molestation when she was a small child. The Drudge Report has been generous with story links about Ronan, averaging a Ronan link a day just for the past week.

Based upon the kind of push Drudge has given to Ronan's budding career as an anchor, Drudge is willing to give Ronan a chance to prove himself worthy of the star-power with which Ronan's debut has been anticipated. Still, even a whiff of press censorship against a free press sets Drudge's libertarian teeth on edge.

Ronan, himself, is a media critic. He recently snarked a "Time" headline "The Elephant in the Room," featuring a cover of Chris Christie, tweeting, "This headline is beneath Time. Though better than their even less subtle runner-up, "Chris Christie Is A Fat Fatty."

If the abysmal rating numbers of Ronan's premiere of "Ronan Daily" are indicative of what will follow, it's a good thing he is young because he has a long, steep climb before establishing himself as a news anchor with staying power. It's interesting that as news anchors seem to come and go as quickly as hot button political issues, Matt Drudge's Drudge Report, like a well-known battery, keeps going and going and going.

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