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Drudge Report: Press dirty with government spies proven at gala, says Matt

President Obama shares kiss with Kathleen Sebeliu
President Obama shares kiss with Kathleen Sebeliu
Getty Images/Olivier Douilery/Pool/

For Drudge Report founder, Matt Drudge, his distrust of the media, his feeling that the American press is chock full of government double-agents was finally proven. According to Drudge's Sunday morning observation, cheering at Saturday evening's correspondent's shindig backed him up. Drudge wrote,"Sebelius gets standing ovation at White House correspondents dinner. Confirming my suspicion that most in the room are government agents."

Departing Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, who has come under fierce criticism for her oversight of the implementation of President Obama's signature health care law, made a brief appearance with the president at the end of his speech, ironically, to help Obama with a tech glitch. ABC has the video, which shows Sebelius coming to his aid. The president ended by asking God's blessing on America and thanking Kathleen Sebelius. The audience stood clapping and cheering as the two left the stage.

Among the links the Drudge Report highlighted regarding the much touted affair, one from Washington Times, which revealed the night might have been a bit uncomfortable for Sebelius was not covered. Because of a surprising seating plan, Sebelius shared a dinner table with Texas Senator Ted Cruz. Cruz had been unrelenting in his attacks on Sebelius for her part and efforts to repair the launch of the health care law. Still, in the spirit of the event, in which all partisanship is traditionally set aside for an evening of humor and congeniality, there were no fireworks even though the two were almost elbow to elbow. According to the report, both Sebelius and Cruz were on their best behavior, smiling and chatting before the event began.

According to the Boston Globe's report, lots of fun was poked at government last evening. Since one of the hottest topics was, it was inevitable that Sebelius participate. Apart from the Sebelius cameo, amid huge applause and laughter, President Obama referred to the infamous glitch-laden site, quipping, " In 2008 my slogan was ‘Yes we can.’ In 2013 my slogan was ‘Control-alt-delete.'’’

Drudge Report editor, Joseph Curl, recently wrote of Sebelius's resignation from her White House position, saying she had gone out the way she came in, "winging it." Neither he, nor his boss over at the Drudge Report, are Obamacare supporters. Although Drudge has said he would never enroll in Obamacare, Curl has not revealed whether he shall or is already an enrolled.

The Drudge Report has recently featured multiple stories of the government spying on journalists, none yet of journalists actually working undercover, spying for government. The last time Drudge tied the press to participation in government spying, he was focused upon the revelations that Al Sharpton was an FBI undercover informant. At that time, Drudge wrote he wasn't surprised to learn Sharpton was an informant because "I literally suspect so many in media are double agents."

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